A woman hangs toe tags on a wall for HT94 exhibition

2023 | Hostile Terrain 94

Undocumented Migration Project

EXHIBITION | January 17, 2023 – March 11, 2023
PARTICIPATION | For updates around events associated with HT94, please visit the Provost’s HT94 website.
HOSTILE TERRAIN 94 WORKSHOP, December 9, 2022, 2:00-4:00p.m.

Hostile Terrain 94 (HT94) is a participatory art exhibition created by the Undocumented Migration Project (UMP) and directed by UCLA anthropologist Jason De León. Occurring in more than 130 cities around the globe, the installation intends to raise awareness about the realities of the U.S.-Mexico border, focusing on the deaths that have occurred almost daily since 1994 as a direct result of the Border Patrol policy known as “Prevention Through Deterrence” (PTD). HT94 is realized with the help of local volunteers, who record names (when known), age, sex, cause of death, condition of body, and location of recovery on toe tags for each person. These tags are then pinned on the map in the exact location where those remains were found. The physical act of writing out the names and information for the dead invites participants to reflect, witness, and stand in solidarity with those who have lost their lives and their surviving communities. This form of public memorialization and mourning also opens opportunities to engage with active conversations related to ongoing migrant rights issues. HT94 renders the human consequences of PTD policies, while also promoting both global and local discourse on migrant labor, detention, and other intersecting topics through collaborative programs with community partners.

MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS | HT94 is about bringing people together, remembering those whose lives have been lost, and sharing a collective empathy—that is all realized through the work we will do together. Grief, loss, and death have impacted all of us, whether personally, through the experience of friends and family we’re close to, or in our communities.  We recognize that participation may be especially difficulty for Latinx and undocumented members of our community. While raising awareness about the humanitarian crisis at America’s southern border is crucial, our greatest concern is the wellbeing of the WSU community. Information about mental health and crisis resources will be available at each workshop.  A subject matter expert on race, culture, immigration, and equity will be in attendance. Crisis resources include:

  • WSU students: call CAPS at (509) 335-4511 M-F 8am-5pm, call (509) 335-2159 after hours
  • Faculty/staff/community members: call our local 24/7 crisis line at (509) 334-1133
  • Everyone: call or text 988

CONTENT WARNING | This exhibition focuses on the violent effects of government policies and includes graphic descriptions of migrant death and bodily decomposition.   It is important that we note that this experience is voluntary and if at any point you feel uncomfortable or distressed by the content, we encourage you to take a moment, to take care of yourself, and to reach out to anyone on the Hostile Terrain 94 team regarding any questions or concerns.

Esta exposición se centra en los efectos violentos de políticas gubernamentales e incluye descripciones gráficas de la muerte de migrantes y su descomposición corporal.  Es importante que se tenga en cuenta que esta experiencia es voluntaria y si en algún momento se siente incómodo por el contenido, le invitamos a tomarse un momento, a cuidarse a sí mismo, y a comunicarse con cualquier persona en el equipo de Hostile Terrain 94 con respecto a cualquier pregunta o inquietud.


HT94 is organized by the Undocumented Migration Project (UMP), a 501(C)(3) nonprofit arts-education-research collective aiming to humanize the migrant experience between Latin America and the United States.

Programming for HT94 is brought to the WSU Pullman campus in partnership with the Office of the Provost; the Center for Arts & Humanities; and the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art WSU. Funding for this exhibition is provided by the Samuel H. and Patricia W. Smith Endowment and members of the museum.

LOCATION | The  Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art WSU is located in the Crimson Cube (on Wilson Road across from Martin Stadium and the CUB) on the WSU Pullman campus. For more information please visit museum.wsu.edu/about.