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We value art as a catalyst for learning, personal growth, and meaningful connection. We actively engage students, scholars, and the public through outreach, programs, and partnerships.

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The museum inspires, engages, and educates diverse audiences through the power of art.


We aspire to be a vibrant and inclusive learning environment that positions art as an integral part of society to expand dialogue, cultural understanding, and social change.

Students and Internships

Your involvement supports WSU student employees and interns. WSU students can learn about complex museum operations in the Fine Arts Museum Procedures class taught by the Curator of Education, work in the museum engaging with visitors as Visitor Ambassadors, and more!

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Buy-A-Bus Program

The Buy-A-Bus program started in 2008 and covers the reimbursement of travel to the museum for schools within a 100-mile radius of the museum. The program reaches out to over 300 schools in our impact zone. Learn more about our Buy-A-Bus program.

You can support buses for schools by donating to the Buy-A-Bus (BAB) Fund.

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People like you make our work possible.

Thank you, to all of our donors, students, and visitors who support the museum. Your donation matters, and makes a difference for bringing the arts to Pullman and the regional community.

Help us continue our impact by donating today.

The arts are essential to creating interdisciplinary connections and making all of us better, more critically observant individuals. The new Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art WSU–placed in the heart of the Pullman campus–symbolizes the treasured role of the arts and our commitment to offering our students a transformative educational experience.

–Kirk Schulz, President, Washington State University
A smiling man, Jordan Schnitzer, in front of the museum

Cornerstone Circle
$5,000,000 +

Jordan D. Schnitzer

Thank you to our generous donors who support our new facility.

Jordan Schnitzer and His Family Foundation generously contributed to our new facility. As the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at WSU celebrates its 5th year in our new space, we also celebrate our donors over the last 50 years as supporters and stewards of the arts in Pullman, the Inland Northwest, and the Nation.

Founder’s Circle
$250,000 – $4,999,999

Cleve and Judith Borth
Jack and Jan Creighton
Dan and Kathy Harmon
Arlene Schnitzer
Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts
H.S.Wright III and Katherine Janeway

Director’s Circle $25,000 – $249,000

  • Melinda Daugherty Beasley
  • Edward and Margery Bennett
  • Jeannie Butler
  • Scott and Linda Carson
  • John and Linda Chaplin
    • In Memory of James Prescott Chaplin IV and V
  • Robert and Karen Felton
    • In Honor of Jack and Jan Creighton
  • Carol E. Gordon
  • Francis T. Ho

  • Duff and Sharon Kennedy
  • David and Patti Knowles
  • Greg Kucera and Larry Yocom
  • Rob Landerholm, MD
  • Roger and Nancy MacPherson
  • Tim A. Manring
  • Robert A. Nilan, PhD
  • Patricia Patterson
  • Richard and Barbara Petura
  • Gordon and Virginia Pickering
  • Eugene A. Rosa, PhD Estate
  • Safeco Insurance
  • Robert and Joan Sample
  • Robert and Shake Sarkis
  • Jon and Mary Shirley Foundation
  • Thomas and Susan Sholly
  • Jim and Kelma Short
  • Samuel and Patricia Smith
  • Donald and Bettie Steiger
  • Bill and Ruth True
  • Washington Art Consortium
  • Theo Westenberger Estate
  • Paul and Nancy Winklesky
  • Bagley and Virginia Wright Foundation
  • Virginia Wright

Builder’s Circle $10,000 – $24,999

  • Jill Aesoph
  • Alpha Gamma Delta
  • American Acadamy and Institute of Arts and Letters
  • Joe Ashley
  • Eric and Ruth Brewster
  • Ross Coates and Marilyn Lysohir-Coates
  • Larry and Vickie Culver

  • Sean Elwood and Yvonne Puffer
  • Froelick Gallery
  • Dan Gallagher
  • Marcia E. Garrett
  • William and Mary Lynn Graber
  • Melvin L. Hamre
  • Craig Langager and Sarah Clark-Langager
  • Jerry and Charlene Lee
  • Christopher and Susan Marker
    • In Honor of Jack and Jan Creighton
  • Larry and Caron Ogg
  • Jane Orleman
  • Donald and Mary Ann Parachini
  • Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, Inc.
  • Anthony and Leslie Rojas
  • William and Jill Ruckelshaus
  • Lee and Jody Sahlin
  • Garren and Anna-Maria Shannon
  • Nancy and Kenneth D. Spitzer, PhD
  • Kenneth and Marjorie Struckmeyer

Patron’s Circle $5,000 – $9,999

  • Richard and Constance Albrecht
  • Joanne M. Anderson
  • Anonymous
  • Randy and Kim Boehm
  • Sylvia and Donald W. Bushaw, PhD
  • The Laura Child Family
  • Ann Christenson
  • Betty L. Clark-Nilan
  • Jennifer Lea Creighton
  • Rick and Jacquelyne Doane
  • Richard Domey and Diane Gillespie
  • James C. Geier
  • Inland Northwest Community Foundation
  • Jeff and Esther Joireman
  • Jim Kolva and Pat Sullivan
  • William D. Lipe, PhD
  • Loeb Family Charitable Foundation
  • Scott and Betty Lukins
  • Richard and Nancy Mack
  • Martha A. Mullen, PhD
  • Constance Niva and Judsen Marquardt
  • David John Novak
  • Raikes Foundation
  • Leslie V. Rowe
  • Sandra Kay Saffell
  • Patrick and Elizabeth Siler
  • South Fork Public House
  • Janice Stewart
  • Michael and Shelley Wysup

Director’s Circle $1,000 – $4,999

  • Betty K. Adams
  • Paul Allen
  • Alma Terra Wines
  • Jon Anderson and Rosalie Watters
  • ArtColl Trust
  • Avista Corporation
  • Alexander Berg and Daniel Meyers
  • Harry and Judy Berryman
  • Karl and Mary Ann Boehmke
  • Stephen and Nellie Bozick
  • Thomas Brigham
    • In Memory of Sue Brigham
  • John and Ruth Brown
    • In Memory of Jo Ellen Savage
  • Chris and Joanie Bruce
  • Loren and Annie Cannon
  • Matt and Lynda Carey
  • Darrin and Lisa Clark
  • Elizabeth L. Clark
  • L. Owen Clinton
  • Columbia Grain Inc.
  • Curtis and Sarah Cox
  • Ruth S. Cox
  • Creative Capital Foundation
  • Jonathan and Lois D’Aleo
  • Chris Davis and Anne MacPherson
  • David and Jennifer Dean
  • Phil and Sandra Deutchman
  • Don and Joye Dillman
  • Ken and Deb Dzuck
  • Valorie Fisher and Ricky Reams
  • Carmento M. and Elson S. Floyd, PhD
  • James and Karen Flynn
  • Clive and Shari Freidenrich
  • Friends of the Museum of Art
  • Peter and Kathryn Forsyth
  • Gary and Sandra Fryer
  • Constance E. Galanti
  • Susan Gill, PhD
  • Roberta Gilley
  • Mary Ellen Gorham
  • Mark and Mary Gorski
  • David and Deborah Grant
  • Mary Jo, James and Kevin Haas
  • Charles Hafenbrack and Linda Hoyt
  • James and Jennifer Harbour
  • Ryan, Schawn and Ava Hardesty
  • Karyn Hardy and David Dolezilek
  • Linda Hartford
  • Herb and Jann Hill
  • Jack and BettyJo Hilliard
  • Joe and Sharon Hindman
  • Patti Hirahara
  • Mike and Georganne Hoctor
  • Sally Elise Horton, PhD
  • John and Kathy Howell
  • David and Christine Hoyt
  • Vincent and Uta Hutnak
  • Carol Ivory and Robin Wright
  • Manuel Izquierdo Trust
  • Val and Mary Ellen Jensen
  • Glenn and Kathryn Johnson
  • Inez Kalin and Robert Del Rosario
  • Kirk Kassner and Carol Scott-Kassner
  • James and Lisa King
  • Leonard B. Kirschner, PhD
  • Tim Kohler and Marilyn Von Seggern
  • Cynthia and Gary Kranc
  • Adam Lassiter
  • Lewis and Sarah Lee
  • Wenzel and Julanne Leff
  • Lucille and Stanton Linden
  • William and Vicki Martin
  • Clarice M. McCartan
  • Alex and Linda McGregor
  • Gary Michel and Jan Carrington
  • Gene and Vicki Miller
  • Herbert and Barbara Nakata
  • Diane K. Neff
  • Randall Nicolai and Noel Collier Nicolai
  • Tom and Linda Nihoul
  • Carl and Betty Nyman
  • Carolynne M. Olsen
  • Donald and E. Patricia Orlich
  • Todd and Tracy Ostrem
  • Scott Patnode
  • Kirk Pawlowski and Pat Apperson
  • Donald and Janice Pelo
  • Dan and Mary Ellen Peterson
  • David George Pollart
  • Quality Inn-Paradise Creek
  • Brian and Nancy Quint
  • Cecelia Joan Quirk
  • V. Lane and Mary Jo Rawlins
  • Ann and Pat Redmond
  • Rita Robillard
  • Alma Delia Rocha and Keith A. Wells
  • Robert and Pamela Rosenman
  • Paal and Liz Ryan
  • Ginny Scalzo
  • Kirk and Noel Schulz
  • Ronald and Sharon Selset
  • The Short-Castleberry Family
    • In Memory of Jim and Kelma Short
  • Henry, Debby and Emma Stinson
  • Robert Story and Ethel McCroskey Story
  • Joyce Masaye Tamura
  • Charles R. Tittle, PhD
  • Elise Torczynski
  • Margaret E. Torczynski
  • P. Dean and Ruth Vanderwall
  • Gordon and Janet Vehar
  • Martin and Elizabeth Waananen
  • Patricia Grieve Watkinson
  • Wawawai Canyon Winery
  • Thomas Weingarten and Wendy Thorn
  • Harry and Sharon Wells
  • Kirk and Pam Werner
  • WSU Fireman’s Fund Donors
  • Larry and Nancy Wriggle
  • Mark and Gail Wuotila

Friend’s Circle $500- $999

  • 3M Foundation
  • J. R. Alldredge, PhD and Judy Mueth
  • J. R. Alldredge, PhD and Judy Mueth
    • In Memory of Kelma Short
  • John Anderson and Alberta Brassfield
  • Julie Arnevick
  • Michael Baker and Judy Tobin
  • David and Joann Barber
  • Lisa Bliss
  • Marilyn Sue Brigham
  • Robert and Barbara Brumblay
  • Gary Bryan and Nancy Chaney
  • Ana Burton
  • CARE Foundation
  • Sherrill Carlson
  • Ken and Dorothy Casavant
  • Mitch and Mary Jo Chandler
  • Barbara Ann Churchman
  • Clark Colahan and Barbara Coddington
  • William and Leanne Colwell
  • DeWade Creveling
    • In Memory of William F. Creveling, WWII Vet
  • The Robert Curry Family
  • Jose G. Delgado-Frias, PhD and Virginia Delgado
  • Design West Architects
  • DMJ Properties, LLP
  • John Doan and David Marks
  • Mary Doyle and James Machemehl
  • Dupree Building Specialties, Inc.
  • Lonnie and Susan Edelheit
  • Steven and Sharon Elsoe
  • Norman Eng
  • Sarah Frame English
  • Kathy Entman
    • In Memory of Ardis Hauser
  • Barbara L. Feil
  • Jeff and Angie Feuerstein
  • Sandra Field
  • Howard and Lola Finch
  • Andrew L. Foss
  • Lawrence Fox and Shelley Chambers-Fox
  • Timothy Scott Freson
  • William and Felicia Gaskins
  • Gaul Construction Co.
  • Ruth and Robert Gibb, MD
  • Maryanne Gibson
  • Mark and Amy Giustino
  • Robin and Louis Gray, PhD
  • Jack Greeson, PhD
  • Doug and Tina Grim
  • Bruce Guenther
  • Charles and Pamela Harbour
    • In Memory of E. June Harbour
  • Rosalie and Jerry Harms
  • Tom and Katia Healy
  • Hannah and Boone Helm
    • In Memory of Bob Helm
  • Tamara Helm
    • In Memory of Bob Helm
  • Dr. E. Thomas Hemmings
  • Raymond, Lucila and Ramón Herrera
  • Theodore and Janece Herzog
  • Chandler and Kelly Hill
  • David and Beth Hirzel
  • Jim and Jo Hockenhull
  • Jon and Barbara Hofmeister
  • Helene Hopkins
  • Robert and Lois Iller
  • Roger and Lei Ann Johnson
  • D. Michael and Linda Jones
  • Kimberlee Kidwell and Dayna Willbanks
  • Nancy Reddin Kienholz
  • Donald and Judy Kurth
  • Jane and AJ LaRiviere
  • Paul and Sharon Lavell
  • Chun and Heidi Lee
  • Steven Gregory Lee
  • Michael and Debra Leslie
  • Kenneth and Marcella Lobb
  • John and Brenna Helm Manwaring
    • In Memory of Bob Helm
  • Robert and Nerisa McConnell
  • Jeannette McLaughin
    • In Memory of Eric D. McLaughlin
  • Bob and B.J. McQueen
  • Frances K. McSweeney, PhD
  • Joan Menzies
    • In Memory of Douglas W. Menzies
  • Gina Meyers
  • William C. and Nancy L. Mickelberry
  • Miriam Miller
    • In Memory of John Miller
  • Ted and Patricia Miller
  • Ron and Linda Mittelhammer
  • David Mudd and Maitri Sojourner
  • Martha Mullen, PhD
    • In Memory of Sharon Wiser and Ken Spitzer
  • Mitch Murri and Linda Pawson
  • Kelly Myott-Baker
  • Howard and Mary Jane Neill
  • Christine Oakley and Clarice Coyne
  • David L. and Sandra J. Overstreet
  • Scott Patnode
    • In Memory of Harold Balazs
  • Philip K. Piele
  • Pullman Lions Club
  • Michael Bryan Rhea
  • Rico’s Smokehouse Tavern
  • Floyd and Judy Rogers
  • Matthew Root, PhD
  • Thomas Rotolo and Allison Munch-Rotolo
  • Jesse Alan Savage
  • Robert R. Schaffer and Cathy J. Monroe
  • Gary E. and Susan Schell
  • Edward Frank Schilter
  • Don and Kathleen Shearer
  • Edwin Short
    • In Memory of Jim Short
  • Jim Short
    • In Memory of Harold Balazs
  • Rick Simon and Melody Hall
  • William Sischo and Dale Moore
  • Michael and Diane Smerdon
  • Rod Smitt
  • Christine and Michael Sodorff
  • Michael J. Tate, PhD and Winifred Ann Tate
  • Bea and David Taylor
  • Paul Valley
  • Karen Watterson
    • In Memory of John M. Ludwig, MFA 1981
  • Jeanne and Phil Weiler
  • Colin Andrew White
  • Jackie Sue Wilkins
  • Gary and Nancy Willis
  • William and Suzanne Wittmann
  • Wilson James Wylie