2014 Curator’s Choice

Behind the Scenes

Exhibition Dates: May 20 – July 3, 2014

This summer, the Museum of Art is presenting a special exhibition opportunity to its audiences by offering them a behind the scenes glimpse of the various operations that allow the Museum to present its world-class exhibitions.

Museum Staff will be revealing the hidden, mysterious world behind the gallery walls by performing “back of house” curatorial tasks within the gallery space. Visitors will be able to observe and converse with Museum staff and student assistants as they work on conservation, exhibition mounting, documentation, and collection inventory. This exhibit takes place during an age in which Museums are seeking means to modify their core processes of collection and conservation to become more transparent and participatory, leading to an accessible and socially engaging experience for the viewer.

Simultaneously, the curatorial team and student assistants will be working with exhibition design strategies utilizing items from the Museum of Art/WSU Permanent Collection. Throughout this process, the artwork displayed and modes of engagement will be constantly changing, offering audiences the opportunity to view artworks from the Permanent Collection that are rarely seen.

Each day will potentially offer a completely new experience for the viewer and make visible the methods of conservation and scholarship that are essential to any museum.