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2010 Fine Arts Faculty Focus

Ross Coates

Exhibition Dates: August 26 – September 25, 2010
Reception: Wednesday, September 1, 6 pm, MOA Gallery
Lecture: 7 pm

The Museum of Art has a long standing tradition of presenting work from the Department of Fine Arts Faculty. Since 2004, we have alternated large group shows with a biennial exhibit showcasing an individual faculty member recently retired. This year the Museum presents a retrospective exhibit of Ross Coates.

Coates was chair of the Fine Arts Department, teaching from 1976-1987, and interim Museum Director from 2001-02. His art reflects the notion of life as a journey, finding bits and pieces, creating collages, constructions and paintings that mirror his fascination. Paintings, sculpture and constructions make for a captivating retrospective of this charismatic artist’s work.

2010 World of Mateo

Matthew Leiker

Exhibition Dates: May 18 – July 2, 2010
Reception: May 18, 6pm, Museum of Art/WSU Gallery

The World of Mateo is filled with images of an American subculture known by no particular name but seemingly related to road culture, California style, album jacket graphics of the 50’s and our affinity for Hawaiian island iconography. Trapped in time, somewhere between the 60’s and 70’s, his embrace of Tiki lounges, drive-in theatre refreshment cartoons and a plethora of music that bubbles vibrantly with the hypnotic tones of the ukulele, inspire his imagination to create work that is at once nostalgic and oddly futuristic. » More …

2010 Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition

Michael Baum, Holly Campbell, Karri A Dieken, Amber Kovak, Louise Krampien, Scott Philips, Ben Sandness, Garric Simonsen and Colby Jennings

Exhibition Dates: April 9 – May 8, 2010
Reception: April 9, 6pm

This annual showcase represents the culmination of two or more years work by the Master of Fine Arts graduate candidates.

2010 Pause: Art + Architecture

Chris Larson

Exhibition Dates: January 14 – April 3, 2010
Reception: February 3, 6pm, MOA Gallery
Lecture: with Chris Larson, 7pm, Fine Arts Auditorium
Lecture: Jim Olson, March 3, 7pm, Fine Arts Auditorium

Art and Architecture is a cornucopia of works that playfully explore our relationship to architecture in photographs, paintings and sculptures. The notion of  “place” as it is relative for the artist to convey ideas about the content of the work can sometimes create an interesting discourse between the viewers and their own ideas of habitat or space. » More …

2009 This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land, Issues of Eminent Domain

Photography by Don Normark

Exhibition Dates: October 2 – December 19, 2009

In 1948, inspired by the work of photographer Cartier Bresson, and the emerging work of photo-journalist W. Eugene Smith, Don Normark went searching for a subject matter other than the advertising assignments given by his school, The Art Center, in Los Angeles. He happened upon Chavez Ravine, an area of three Mexican-American neighborhoods less than two miles from Los Angeles City Hall. He felt at one with the lively simplicity of these communities that offered a retreat from the gritty city of L.A. He befriended individuals as he photographed their faces, focused on their embrace of daily life, finding sweet, empathic moments of expression that monumentalized their resilient and timeless existence.

» More …

2009 Fine Arts Faculty Group Exhibition

Ross Coates, Maria Deprano, Sandra Deutchman, Tim Doebler, Michelle Forsyth, Kevin Haas, Robert Helm, Tamara Helm, Jo Hockenhull, David Huyck, Doug Gast, Pamela Lee, Nik Meisel, Io Palmer, Reza Sufavi, Toby Walther, Chris Watts, and visiting scholar Ahmed Ibrahim.

Exhibition Dates: August 27 – September 26, 2009
Reception: September 1, 6pm, Museum Gallery

This Biannual exhibition is an opportunity for students to see their mentor’s skills and theories put to practice in a diverse array of styles and media. The exhibition includes a variety of works from the artist who provide inspiration to WSU students daily, allowing them to observe their mentors put skill and theory into practice.

» More …

2009 Curator’s Choice

Permanent Collection

Exhibition Dates: May 18 – July 2, 2009

The Curator’s Choice exhibit in 2009 will feature recent acquisitions as well as some classic favorites from the Museum’s permanent collection. Showing work from the permanent collection not only provides an excellent opportunity to see great art, but it also allows us to pay homage to the generous support we enjoy from our donors. Also featured will be design models and plans by third year Architecture students of possible new expansion plans for the Museum of Art, and a recent acquisition from the Norwest Narrative print exchange.

2009 Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition

Dustin Price, Heather Losey McGeachy, Brad Dinsmore, Toby Walther, Lauren McCleary

Exhibition Dates: April 10- May 9, 2009
Reception: April 10, 6pm, MOA Gallery

This annual showcase represents the culmination of two or more years work by the Master of Fine Arts graduate candidates.

2009 Running the Numbers

Chris Jordan

Exhibition Dates: January 14- April 4, 2009
Reception: Jan 22, 6pm; Lecture: Jan. 22, 7pm, CUB Auditorium

In 2006, Chris Jordan began a series of digital photographs that present contemporary American culture via the nearly incomprehensible statistics regarding American excess. Each image portrays a specific quantity of consumption or cultural value: two million plastic beverage bottles (the number used in the US every five minutes); 426,000 cell phones (the number retired every day); 2.3 million orange prison uniforms (the number of Americans incarcerated annually). » More …