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Art by Artists Outside the Mainstream

Exhibition: January 23 – April 5, 2014
Reception: January 30, 6-8 pm, MOA Gallery

Create is a major group exhibition presenting an exceptional selection of the most important works created over the past twenty years by artists involved with the three pioneering non-profit organizations: Creativity Explored, Creative Growth Art Center, and the National Institute for Art and Disabilities Art Center (NIAD). These organizations were founded with the belief that exceptional creativity can emerge in anyone and they support the work of artists with developmental disabilities through a unique and highly successful approach to group studio practice. “The artists featured in this exhibition—all of whom have some form of developmental disability—possess the talent, independence, and depth of feeling that makes the most powerful art possible,” says curator Lawrence Rinder.

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2013 Made in U.S.A.: Rosenquist/Ruscha

Prints from the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and his Family Foundation

Exhibition Dates: September 20 – December 14, 2013

This exhibit pairs two of the most influential and complex artists in the Pop art genre, with a selection of prints that spans each artist’s career.

So, two Pop artists – one East Coast, the other West Coast; one “hot,” the other “cool.” Both James Rosenquist and Ed Ruscha grew up in the midwest in the 1940s, but Rosenquist went to New York (from Minnesota) and Ruscha went to Los Angeles (from Oklahoma).

Both artists worked as commercial artists early in their careers: Rosenquist was a billboard painter; Ruscha a layout artist for an advertising agency. Both artists reveled in the mind-opening poetics of ordinary everyday imagery: Rosenquist in his wild smash-ups of seemingly disjointed imagery; Ruscha in his use of words as image.

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2013 WSU Fine Arts Faculty Group Exhibition

With Live Performance Art by Squeak Meisel

Exhibition: August 12 – September 14, 2013
Reception: August 22, 6 pm, Museum of Art/WSU Gallery

This biennial exhibition is an opportunity for students to see their mentors’ skills and theories put to practice in a diverse array of styles and media. The exhibition includes a wide variety of works from the artists who provide inspiration to WSU students daily.

The Museum chooses to showcase the Fine Arts Faculty Exhibition at the beginning of the school year so incoming students are immediately exposed to the manifold talents of the WSU Fine Arts Faculty.

2013 Curator’s Choice Exhibition

Making Faces: Portraits From the Permanent Collection

Exhibition: May 16 – July 19, 2013
Museum of Art/WSU Gallery (no reception)

Our summer exhibition has alternated between showcasing regional artists and presenting selections from the Museum’s permanent collection. This year we highlight a number of portraits from the permanent collection in the upcoming exhibition by the late Keith Wells.

Since 2004, Keith had been conducting his “dream job,” putting together numerous exciting and ground-breaking exhibitions as Curator of the Museum of Art/WSU. Keith’s final exhibition literally creates a portrait of the permanent collection here at the museum.

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2013 Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition

Meghan Flynn, Meghan Hedley, Catherine Jensen, Jennifer Saracino, Lisa Soranaka, and Austin Stiegemeier

Exhibition: April 5 – May 4, 2013
Reception: April 5, 6 pm, MOA Gallery

This annual showcase represents the culmination of two or more years’ work by the Master of Fine Arts graduate candidates. Late curator Keith Wells said, “This is the perfect exhibition for Mom’s Weekend. The work is usually as diverse in medium as it is in subject matter. The exhibition always provides a wide range of styles and stimulating experiences for faculty, students, and local museum constituents. We present this year’s graduate thesis work in hopes that undergraduate students, first-year graduate students, and anyone willing to be moved by art will find it a fun and stimulating experience.”

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2013 Ceramics From the Kolva-Sullivan Collection

Winter Exhibition

Exhibition: January 8 – March 30, 2013
Reception: Thursday, January 17, 6-8 pm, MOA Gallery
Lecture: Jan. 17, 7pm CUB AUD

The Jim Kolva and Pat Sullivan collection is a comprehensive sampling of Northwest ceramic artists. Having owned and operated a gallery in Spokane, Washington, for many years, Kolva and Sullivan have built a proverbial “who’s who” collection of northwest ceramic art. The Kolva-Sullivan Gallery, housed in a great industrial warehouse space, along with its “Soho style” loft residence, has presented many exhibits that include a ceramics emphasis and new work by emerging artists. Many of these artists are alumni of the Archie Bray Foundation.

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2012 The Artist’s Hand: American Works on Paper 1945-1975

From the Washington Art Consortium Collection

September 28-December 15, 2012
Reception: September 27, 12-3pm, Museum Gallery

This exhibition celebrates a unique and under-recognized collection of prints and drawings made between 1945 and 1975, by 48 of the most important American artists of the period.

For our visitors, the 97 works represent a remarkable panorama of art-making benchmarks – from such quintessential Abstract Expressionist works as those by Hans Hofmann, Willem deKooning, Sam Francis and Jackson Pollock to the Minimalist works of Donald Judd, Walter deMaria and Agnes Martin; on to the Pop of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein and the collagist works of Jim Dine and Robert Rauschenberg; the realism of Alex Katz and Alfred Leslie and the geometric abstraction of Frank Stella, Josef Albers and Jo Baer.

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2012 Fine Arts Faculty Focus

Jo Hockenhull

August 20 – September 22, 2012
Reception: Aug 30, 6pm, Museum Gallery
Lecture: 7pm

The Museum of Art has a long-standing tradition of presenting work from the Department of Fine Arts faculty.  Since 2004, we have alternated large group shows with a bi-annual exhibit showcasing an individual faculty member recently retired. » More …

2012 Curator’s Choice

Patrick Siler Mural

May 17-July 20, 2012
Reception: Monday, July 16, 4:00-5:30 pm, Pine Street Plaza, Downtown Pullman

The Washington State University Museum of Art is proud to share the mural art of Patrick Siler in the upcoming exhibition Curator’s Choice: Patrick Siler Mural, May 17-July 20, 2012.  In addition, a downtown reception will be held in the Pine Street Plaza adjacent to Thomas Hammer Coffee on Monday, July 16, 4:00-5:30 pm.  Admission to the museum is always free.

Patrick Siler’s “regular folks” become anything but regular in his paintings. Good old boys, beer drinkers, housewives and young punks are just a few of the many characters Siler uses to create his expressive perceptions of the human condition. His gritty depictions of the activities of day-to-day life are tempered with anxiety, humor and nostalgic reverence.  » More …

2012 Master of Fine Art Exhibition

Mariah Boyle, Meredith Lewis, Brett Lysne, Nik Flatley, Eric Norman, Eric Parker, and Kaitlin Phillips Goodey

Exhibition Dates: April 6- May 5, 2012
Reception: Friday April 6, 6pm, Museum of Art Gallery

This annual showcase represents the culmination of two or more years work by the Master of Fine Arts graduate candidates.

Curator Keith Wells says, “This is the perfect exhibition for mom’s weekend. The exhibition always provides a wide range of styles and stimulating experiences for faculty, students and local museum constituents.”