EXHIBITION | March 31 – May 9, 2020 (online exhibition during COVID-19 temporary closure)
RECEPTION | Reception has been canceled in accordance with the cancellation of WSU Mom’s Weekend


The Quarks of Time Travel

F r a g m e n t e d – time machine moments.
Always along for the ride
and will never arrive. Seeing
the idea. Multiple moments appearing at once,
from separate places.

Seeing out of reach

This is a loop. This is a loop.

Unaware of the beginning when it meets
the end. Point A becomes point B.
This is a loop. This is a drawing.

Getting there is what is exciting…
but once there – it’s just where
you ended

I am stuck in a cycle of reliving moments of the past and longing for the times that once were. I both fear and appreciate the beauty in life’s impermanence. A constant loop within my psyche aids me in my travel to such places, though I will never truly be able to arrive. I must watch from a distance, experiencing the time travel without being able to interact with it directly.

ABOUT | This annual showcase is the culmination of two or more years work by the Master of Fine Arts graduate candidates. With its wide range of art-making approaches, the thesis exhibition provides a stimulating experience for faculty, students and museum visitors. This year’s MFA candidates are Kelsey Baker, Mohsen Bchir, Azzah Sultan, Chadchom Cheskhun, Richie Masias, Harry Mestyanek, and Qarthian.

Traveling from many places to join the cohort at WSU, these student-artists have engaged in an intense two-year interdisciplinary studio program. They met regularly with faculty members for group and individual critiques. Visiting artists and scholars provided diverse one-on-one insight into their creative work. Each artist sharpened their confidence, convictions, and skills. Their MFA Thesis Exhibition is a focused conclusion, yet it also marks an exciting transition toward their professional careers.

Funding has been provided by the Samuel H. & Patricia W. Smith Arts Endowment Fund, and the Members of the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art WSU.

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