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Program Supporters

Support for this program has been provided by:

Jill Aesoph
Avista Corporation
Aaren Ballinger
Sybil L. Barney
Douglas Barry Tracey
Margery and Edward Bennett
Timothy Bradbury
John and Ruth Brown
Chris and Joanie Bruce
Ana E. Burton
Robert Weinberg and Jeannie Butler
Andrea Beckett
John and Shari Behnke
Matthew and Lynda Carey
Miriam Miller Cathy
Mitch and Mary Jo Chandler
John and Linda Chaplin
Ed Wood and Cathy Chohlas
Betty Clark
Ross Coates and Marilynn Lysohir
Barbara Coddington
Jonathan and Lois D’Aleo
James and Cathy DeVleming
John T. Doan
Tim Freson
Mead Snoddy and Nancy Gillard
Richard Domey and Diane Gillespie

Louis and Robin Gray
Marlene Guse
Donna and Robert Hanson
Joseph and Sharon Hindman
Francis T. Ho
Shawnda K. Hoops
Vincent and Uta Hutnak
Inland NW Community Foundation
Willemina and Kenneth Kardong
Roger and Lei Ann Johnson
Pamela A. Lee
William D. Lipe, Ph.D.
Tim A. Manring
Jonathan May
William Pan and Vicki McCracken
Daniel and Margaret McGreevy
Tim and Idie McGinty
Kelly Myott-Baker
Miriam Miller
Margery Muir
Marty Mullen
Moscow Food Co-Operative
Aaron Alan Myra
Beatrice Nagel
Herbert and Barbara Nakata
Susan and Larry Nakatsu
Howard and Mary Jane Neill

Yvonne J. Newall-Daggett
Robert Nilan
Norms Custom Glass, Inc.
Richard and Barbara Petura
Dolores M. Placito
Pullman Family Medicine
Brian and Nancy Quint
Jeffrey and Patricia Raikes
Raikes Foundation
Cathy and Robert Ramer
R.E.B. Enterprises
Rico’s Smokehouse Tavern
Thomas Rotolo and Allison Munch-Rotolo
Eugene Rosa
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
Jim and Kelma Short
Patrick and Elizabeth Siler
David Allan Sonnenfeld, Ph.D.
Sue Marie Sparkman
Paula and Robert Spence
Kenneth and Nancy Spitzer
Alice May Spitzer
Toyota of Pullman
Terry and Julie Umbreit
Lynn Young Blood

With Special Thanks to Our Community Partners



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