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Before the Museum

Helpful Checklists

Things to do BEFORE your visit

Pre-book your tour and transportation.

See Pre-visit activities and browse the online support materials.

Create nametags with students using a pattern border theme from the exhibit.

Organize clipboards and pencils (no pens allowed in gallery) for each student. A thin hard cover book and a bulldog clip works well.

Organize parent chaperones or high-school student leaders: Student discipline is the responsibility of class teacher and chaperones. Chaperones are encouraged to stand with their group at all times and model/encourage listening when the docent is talking.

Plan to arrive 10 minutes before your session and wait for the docent to meet you in the Fine Arts Building foyer.

Discuss gallery etiquette

Walk in the gallery.

Use quiet voices.

No food or drink.

Only pencils are allowed.

Leave backpacks and other personal items in the cloakroom.

Leave cell phones in the cloakroom.

No photography.

Visiting an art gallery may be a new experience with students (and adult chaperones). Please go over this list with your student groups and share a copy with the chaperones.



Museum Hours

The museum galleries are open Tuesday through Friday from 1:00-4:00 p.m. and Saturday from 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.;


You must complete a self-attestation for every day you plan to be at a physical WSU location. Please attest based on your WSU affiliation.


WSU Mobile Parking App
Parking is available for a fee in the Smith Center For Undergraduate Education. For parking rates and information please click here and choose DAILY PARKING PERMITS on the Transportation Services Permit Information website.

Hours of Operation

We will have limited staffing in the museum offices, however, you can reach us by phone and email at

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